The most natural way to prepare your skin for a long lasting quality tan. This multi-tasking mitt polishes skin for a, even tan application.

Buff away dead skin and remove tan residue. Improves skin tone and circulation. Use to prep each time for a longer-lasting all over bronze.


Shower to soften skin and rinse off any product. Dampen the mitt, and scrub skin with firm, circular motions. Increase pressure gradually to achieve desired effect. 

+ Use SCRUB side for an intense exfoliation and remove tan residue.

+ Use the PRIME side to gently buff for a smooth skin canvas.


It's normal for skin to be slightly red after stimulation, this will go down after a little while. Do not use the mitt if you have irritated skin or open cuts. This mitt is machine washable, but allow to dry naturally. Don't dry clean, iron or bleach. Give it a home in a dry place. For best results, every time, we recommend you change your mitt after 3 months use.

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