The magic of micellar water meets a pH balancing primer with our Micellar Water Primer: Pre Tanning pH Restore. Micellar water works to draw out impurities from the skin and resets your skin's pH balance for optimum self tanning results. The Primer primes your skin so your self tan goes on smoother and is absorbed better by the skin. Create the perfect canvas for your next self tan with an unparalleled, toned, conditioning finish. All to make your next self tan look more natural and last longer.

Primes skin so your self tan goes on smoother, is absorbed better and looks more natural.

Use Micellar Water Primer Pre Tanning pH Restore immediately prior to applying your self tan.


Apply to clean, dry skin in circular motions.
Then apply your self tan as normal.
For optimum self tanning results, apply after using our Micellar Water Cleanser and then follow with our Micellar Tan Water range.
MINE TAN | Micellar Water

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