Our foaming mousse is renowned for its true to colour result due to the blend of erythrulose, natural DHA and low cosmetic bronzers. This mousse solution also contains no parabens, harsh ingredients or fragrances and is 100% vegan – not tested on animals!

DIRECTIONS:  Our Self Tanning Mousse blend can be tailored to suit all skin types simply by tailoring the application and wash off times. We suggest a 1-2 hour wash and wear for a light tan, 2-3 hours for a medium tan and 3 hours for darker results. Before applying, we recommend moisturising feet, knees, hands and elbows prior to application with our Bella Bronze Tan Hydrating Body Moisturiser. Pump the bottle 1-2 times onto a tanning mitt and apply to all other areas in a circular motion until the tan has been absorbed. Once complete, gently go over the moisturised areas without reapplying any tan to the mitt. Wash mitt after each use.

Which one is best for each skin type?

MOCHA: Best for pink/cool undertones and for those that don’t tan well – will produce a warmer sun kissed result

VIOLET: Best for yellow/olive undertones and for those that tan easily – will produce a light to dark chocolate result

Bella Bronze | Mocha & Violet Mousse

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