What should I wear to my appointment?
You are normally in your spray tan anywhere from 1 hour to sleeping in it. Spray tan normally washes off all clothing however we do recommend wearing loose, dark clothing so you do not rub your tan. 

I am pregnant, can I have a Spray Tan?
Yes, spray tanning is safe for pregnant women.  Every woman, body, skin and pregnancy is different so we do recommend you speak with your GP if you are in your first trimester just to have the all clear.

I have skin problems, can I have a Spray Tan?
 If you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis it is best to patch test your skin before deciding to go ahead with being spray tanned. Please let us know when you would like to come in and we can spray a small section on your body to see if you have any problems. 

How do I wash off my Spray Tan?
After application, have a light 60 second rinse in the shower. Make sure you gently wash away your bronzer, and not stand under running water - this may cause streaking. 
Pat dry and away you go.
After rinsing, the instant bronzer will wash away and the full results will develop within 24 hours. For the first 24 hours only shower with warm water and pat dry. After 24 hours use a moisturizer and gradual tanner every second day to prolong your bronze. After initial application you may decide a darker result is required - please let us know for next time.
We suggest extending the time slowly, so perhaps try an extra hour or 2 next time.
If you need any assistance, please let us know.

How long will my Spray Tan last?
7 - 10 days if you look after it. Using a gradual tanner every other day to a moisturiser will prolong your tan. Hydration is key as when your dry skin flakes, it takes your beautiful bronze with it. 
5 - 7 days if you don’t moisterise and leave your bronze. 
Be mind full that long showers, dips in the pool or saunas will decrease your longevity. As mentioned, using a gradual tanner every other day will help you get maximum results. 

Will I look orange?
We all cringe at the thought of this!! An ‘orange’ looking spray tan is because of two reasons; the wrong shade for your skin tone OR the wrong user. We hold over 30 shades of colour and are trained to match the best colour with your underlying skin tone. We have also been tanning for many years so you are in safe hands. 

Can I go swimming or in a sauna with my fresh bronze?
Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade your spray tan, causing possible streaking, and will reduce the length of your tan. However, normal activities such as bathing, showering or physical activities will not affect the quality of your tan however try to avoid hanging in a hot shower as this will affect your tan. 

How long will my appointment take?
You will be in and out in around the 15 minute mark. We are here for a good time and not a long time, so you can press on with your busy (or relaxing) day. 

I have dry elbows, knee caps and ankles. How will my Spray Tan look?
When Spray tan sees dry skin, it tends to go darker and looks quite fake. To avoid this look apply a light film of moisturiser to the very dry areas of the elbows, kneecaps or ankles only and this will minimise the amount of tan and give you an even look overall

Will my Spray Tan colour be instant?
Yes. The spray tan tanning solution has a bronzing colour agent and your skin will be bronzed when you leave, You will have a tanned look instantly, while the DHA and active ingredients are developing the tan underneath during the next 2-6 hours (depending on which type of solution you use). Please note that your spray tan colour can keep developing for up to 24 hours after being spray tanned.
Do I need to wear sun protection after a Spray Tan?
Yes, absolutely. A Spray Tan WILL NOT protect you from the sun, it purely makes you feel like you have seen the sun ;)
We sell a beautiful range of sunscreen from ‘We are feel good’. An Aussie made and cruelty free range. You can purchase in our studio or online. 

I have sweat problems, how do I avoid my fresh Spray Tan rubbing off?
Apply talcum powder to all possible areas where you are likely to sweat. The talcum powder absorbs the sweat without marking the tan. Make sure the body is dry when applying the talcum powder. It is also recommended to wear cotton clothing. Maybe consider receiving the spray tan at the coolest time of the day or during the evening.