I have heard it come out of so many woman's mouths. This word -

I have heard it come out of so many woman's mouths. This word - "SORRY"

Goldie Gal

Sorry is what we say when we are apologising for something that we have done to hurt or upset someone. 

Well so we thought....

These days, in this world of body positivity, the word sorry is now spoken waaaaay out of context.

- "Hey this is my body, oh and sorry about that!" -

What does it mean when we are apologising for our bodies?

It means a lot of things, I think.  Shame. Disappointment. Struggle. 

Lets dive deep. 

We grow humans, feed humans, have life changing surgeries. We eat, travel (circa 2019) and indulge when we see friends. 

We as a society are focusing on our mental heath and well being so much more post covid. 

So why.... why are we apologising for growing a human? 

Recovering from lifesaving surgery? 

and for enjoying glorious food?

Our biggest mistake in life is thinking we have time. Time to get skinny. Time to get fit and feel yourself. Time to accept our body.

We read so many body positive feeds these days on Instagram and all social channels. We are speaking about more and more about it. 

So why have we not caught up with this yet?

The time is now. 

Embrace that body.
Feel that confidence grow.

& know you have a safe space at Goldie's, to feel yourself - where ever that may be right now. 

See you soon Goldie gang,

Hayley x



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